White Widow - Dutch Passion

White Widow - Dutch Passion
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  • Time
    55-60 days
  • THC
  • CBD
  • Feminised
  • 500-550 g/m2
  • 70% indica

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Information about White Widow by Dutch Passion

White Widow Dutch Passion’s a classic, never out of fashion thanks to its powerful effect, unique flavor and high production – the quality of this strain’s totally guaranteed by countless prizes in cannabis cups.

Vegetative Behavior

White Widow’s an indica strain with compact branched structure, ideal for reduced spaces, which could triple its size fast when the light hours get changed – the production of side branches is similar to the central cup one.


White Widow’s ideal for indoor growing thanks to its reduced size and high production – good option for apical trimming or SOG net systems (buds ready to be cropped in just 8 weeks with amazing production full of resin).


When outdoor growing, terraces or places for them to get unnoticed – dense resin foils make it a good option to produce extractions (hash, BHO); ready crops by late October-early November – up to 700g of resinous buds per properly grown strain.


White Widow releases a unique pine-hardwood smell, infatuating the growers for decades.


Very fast, strong high times for physical/mental relax – good option for treatments against stress, insomnia, depression or muscular pain.


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