Auto Mazar - Dutch Passion


Auto Mazar - Dutch Passion
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  • Time
    70-80 days
  • THC
  • CBD
  • Type
  • Production: 70-95 g/plant
  • Genetics: 70% indica

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Information about Auto Mazar by Dutch Passion

Auto Mazar of Dutch Passion keeps the properties of feminized Mazar, but with a Ruderalis cross which makes it flourish independently from photoperiod – indica strain with spongy buds, coated by a fat resin foil (one of the most productive autos, and one of the most qualified strains in the market).

Vegetative Behavior

Smaller than its feminized version, but, anyway, it’s one of the biggest auto flowering strains far and wide – one of the most productive strains.


For indoor growing, up to 200-300g strains – very interesting strain for beginner growers because it’s very strong and, with little effort, it produces abundant top buds.


For outdoor growing, it should be planted in sunny warm places (up to 3 annual crops in California and the Mediterranean) – in zones with few hot months, it should be grown just in summer months (abundant sun); if properly grown, up to 200g strains in 70 days.


Mazar has an incredible flavor, very intense, thick and earthy, like a damp forest, and this deep mountainous aroma is blended with very sweet citric tones, forming a very complex flavor, intense and delicious.


The effects of Auto Mazar are immediate and long-lasting, ideal to get relaxed on the sofa after a long work day.


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