Power Plant - Dutch Passion


Power Plant - Dutch Passion
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  • Time
    55-65 days
  • THC
  • CBD
  • Type
  • Production: 500-600 g/m2
  • Genetics: 40% indica

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Information about Power Plant by Dutch Passion

Power Plant of Dutch Passion is classic cannabis genetics thanks to its unique flavor, powerful effect and high production of long resinous buds.

Vegetative Behavior

Although sativa genetics, its vegetative behavior’s more similar to indica strains; compact branched structure with dense heavy buds (indica characteristics) – its production and strength will surprise the most demanding palates.


For indoor growing, compact branched structure with few leaves – light easily gets to all the low and side branches, and the forthcoming manicure gets easy too; although sativa predominance, it doesn’t stretch excessively – up to 600g/sq m (real super producer). Usually, light-green foliage (almost radioactive) – flowers ready to be cropped in 50-60 days after photoperiod change.


For outdoor growing, Power Plant of Dutch Passion with fast growth and, although sativa, fast flowering too – very abundant and qualified crops of pressed buds (up to 1kg strains): you’d better concentrate on proper feeding and not missing anything, especially water and sun (although indica behavior, it eats like a sativa).


Power Plant of Dutch Passion’s a strain with fresh thyme-spice, lavender-like, flavor – very sweet details, and a complex flavor to conquer the most demanding palates.


Strong strain due to its high THC levels, with main stimulating effects although relaxing – main narcotic active effect with last soporific effect.


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