Orange Bud - Dutch Passion

Orange Bud - Dutch Passion
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  • Time
    50-55 days
  • THC
  • CBD
  • Feminised
  • 500-550 g/m2
  • 40% indica

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Information about Orange Bud by Dutch Passion

Orange Bud of Dutch Passion’s one of the most awarded and best preserved Skunk strains in cannabis history; this hybrid 75/25 sativa plant’s really productive and its buds are hard, resinous and pressed like an indica strain – the “hairs” of the buds turn orange, so it looks stunning, hence its Orange Bud name.

Vegetative Behavior

Although clear sativa predominance, its buds have very indica characteristics – its vigorous growth makes it a good option for net systems.


When indoor growing, it’s ideal for SOG/SCROG methods – ready crops in just 8 weeks after photoperiod change; best results with 12/12 photoperiod – heavy resinous buds with outstanding THC levels.


When outdoor growing, Orange Bud’s very strong against excessive/lacking/inclement weather and fungi pests – good option for damp places (northern Spain); these strains are ready to be cropped by late October-early November – up to 1kg strains.


Buds with the classic and mythical incensed sweet Skunk aroma, with citric background similar to oranges.


Effect mainly mental, cerebral and stimulating, ideal for parties, reunions or artistic activities.


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