Auto Daiquiri Lime - Dutch Passion

Auto Daiquiri Lime - Dutch Passion
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  • Time
    75-85 days
  • THC
  • CBD
  • Autoflowering
  • 70-110 g/plant
  • 30% indica

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Information about Auto Daiquiri Lime by Dutch Passion

Auto Daiquiri Lime of Dutch Passion seed bank’s the result of several American-European genetics to obtain a very powerful, productive hybrid strain – the parental strains are Sour Diesel Original and Auto California Orange.

Vegetative Behavior

Auto Daiquiri grows fast and it produces an outstandingly branched, wide structure for an automatic strain – flowering doesn’t depend on photoperiod (ready crops in about 11 weeks after germination).


When indoor growing, Daiquiri produces very wide strains which occupy the indoor space fast – its structure’s not suggested for many plants in remarkably reduced spaces.


For outdoor growing, Auto Daiquiri produces wide tall strains, with vigorous and robust side branches, fast growth and flowering, up to over 1.5m and 100g of buds per strain – super producer for a Ruderalis strain (best results in biological growths).


Daiquiri aroma and flavor’s sweet, citric and fruity, with Skunk notes and Diesel details – complex infatuating flavor fusion.


The effects of Auto Daiquiri Lime of Dutch Passion are strong, instantaneous and long-lasting, mainly cerebral and stimulating, ideal for leisure/artistic companies or high times with your folks – good option to stimulate your creativity.


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