Mohan Ram - Sweet Seeds

Mohan Ram - Sweet Seeds
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  • Time
    60-70 days
  • THC
  • CBD
  • Feminised
  • 450-550 g/m2
  • 85% indica

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Information about Mohan Ram of Sweet Seeds

Mohan Ram of Sweet Seeds is a classic Sweet Seeds strain, infatuating the growers since put on the market.

Vegetative Behavior

This excellent indica strain grows vigorous, with a branched vegetative structure full of resinous compact buds – abundant resin provides an excellent look, with outstanding aroma, flavor and strength; if comparing Mohan Ram to other genetics, White Widow would undoubtedly be the strain.

Besides, flowering’s fast, and the strains need very little care to get thru – strong genetics against all types of pests (being careful is always a good option).


Very fast growth and flowering – excellent crop, ready in just 8 weeks.


For outdoor growing, Mohan Ram gets up to 500g/strain – ready crop by late September/early October (for totally mature buds, wait till mid October); hunky-dory in warm places (California, Mediterranean) – compact branchy structure (branches should be opened to let the light enter around).


The organoleptic properties of Mohan Ram make it a sweet caramel with incense, musk, berry touches – unbeatable complex combination.


The effects are strong and intense, very relaxing and ideal against stress – relax after a long work day.


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