Big Devil XL Auto - Sweet Seeds

Big Devil XL Auto - Sweet Seeds
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  • Time
    70-80 days
  • THC
  • CBD
  • Autoflowering
  • 80-150 g/plant
  • 30% indica

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Information about Big Devil XL Autoflowering of Sweet Seeds

Big Devil XL Auto of Sweet Seeds, although auto-flowering, it’s a strain which grows out of control – for budding, it’s not depending to photoperiod.

Vegetative Behavior

These strains tend to have much more reduced growth than regular or feminized plants, but Big Devil XL’s another story – with abundant sun, food and good care, it will grow tall, properly branched, with big spongy buds.


For indoor growing, Big Devil XL’s a very grateful strain – with 20/4 photoperiod, up to 500g/sq m; its life cycle’s finished in 80-85 days – from germination to crop in 80 days (real sprinter plant).


Outdoor growing’s as lasting as indoor growing, but up to 100g/strain; for satisfactory results, it needs abundant sun and hot temperatures – summer months would be ideal (more beneficial weather conditions); anyway, up to 3 crops per season in warm places.


The flavor of this delicatessen’s similar to incensed earthy touch of Jack Herer or Moby Dick.


For the effects of Big Devil XL, although indica predominance, it produces a very pleasurable, stimulating, euphoric effect, ideal for artistic or entertaining activities.


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