Auto Critical - Autoflowering Seed


Auto Critical Gea Seeds
  • Items: 225
  • Time
    60-65 days
  • THC
  • CBD
  • Type
  • Production: 60-90 g/plant
  • Genetics: 60% indica

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Information About Critical Autoflowering Indica

Auto Critical is an autoflowering hybrid of excellent quality that produces the typical effect of indica strains. The effect is powerful, relaxing, long-lasting and more physical than cerebral. Making this cannabis strain ideal to relax at the end of the day and rest.

It has a sweet and fruity flavor with citrus notes to lemon. The best of this strain is that it retains the scented aroma and flavor of the Critical ++.

Auto Critical is the most awaited autoflowering. It is easy to grow and no experience is needed to obtain good results with this cannabis strain. It is undoubtedly the fastest strain. Its speed and incredible flavor make of it one of the best choices.

It is an autoflowering hybrid that comes from the cross between our Critical ++ and a Lowryder. That is why we have shortened even more the flowering period of a strain already fast by itself as is Critical ++.

It is a medium-sized, robust and branched plant. It is a quite wide plant that can reach a height of 40-70 centimeters. It has a very fast growth and it produces plenty of dense resinous buds which are very aromatic. Being a very easy strain to grow, you will not need experts to get the best of it.

Outdoors it will reach a larger size than indoors. If you want to get the best of it, it is advisable to plant it directly on the ground or in pots from 11 liters. Auto Critical is the ideal plant for quality crops in discrete gardens.


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