Bubble Fruit - Feminized Seed


Bubble Fruit
  • Time
    50-55 days
  • THC
  • CBD
  • Type
  • Production: 450-500 g/m2
  • Genetics: 95% indica

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Information About Bubble Fruit Feminized Indica

Bubble Fruit has a very powerful cerebral, physical and psychoactive effect. Initially stimulating and invigorating but more relaxing later. This effects make you to go from a state of euphoria to physical relaxation. It is recommended for social activities, when you are with accompanied enjoying a good atmosphere.

It gives off a very sweet aroma although the most characteristic is the unique flavor. Its sweet and fruity taste to strawberry chewing gum is an authentic delight that becomes essential for the unconditional lovers of sugary flavors.

Bubble Fruit is a hybrid obtained from the crossing between two Indiana Bubble Gum. From this crossing we have obtained a unique example that stands out for its flavor, smell and effect.

Bubble Gum offspring comes from an American genetic strain that has been stabilized for a long time to create an IBL, a pure strain crossed with itself. Unlike most hybrids, this strain does not experience important variations from one specimen to another, guaranteeing growers homogeneity between individuals.

Bubble Fruit is a strong medium-sized plant that only has a few branches. Some certain specimens have an irregular leave structure. It has an average yield and it produces compact resinous buds. Undoubtedly, the best characteristic of this strain has is its flavor.

It is easy to grow and it is suitable for SOG cultivation. Good results will be obtained indoors and outdoors, in warm weather.


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    Peter J.
    ene 3, 2019
    Great strain, easy to grow and the fruit taste was... fantastic and real!! Will grow again for sure. Thanks Gea
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