Moby Dick XXL - Dinafem


Moby Dick XXL - Dinafem
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  • Time
    75-80 days
  • THC
  • CBD
  • Type
  • Production: 80-150 g/plant
  • Genetics: 30% indica

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Information about Moby Dick XXL AUTO from Dinafem

All the characteristics of mythical Moby Dick, with the properties of an auto flowering strain; it comes from White Widow XXL Auto and Haze XXL Auto – two top strains for an undisputed-quality super producer sativa strain.

Vegetative behavior

Very tall, shaped like a candelabra – one of the biggest autos, with very abundant crop full of long, resinous, spongy buds: be careful with this big strain – when growing, it needs a wide space, far away from indiscrete eyes (otherwise, this cannabis monster would be seen in the distance); anyway, it’s really easy to grow – abundant fertilizing.


Very big with prolonged inter nodal distance – not ideal for indoor growing; its strong aroma requires a powerful anti odor filter: anyway, with a good ventilation system, if growing this delicatessen, you should maintain a photoperiod of 20 daylight hours and 4 darkness hours. Gea Seeds suggests good tutors to help the branches hold its heavy buds when late flowering – up to 500g/sq m.


With space, good fertilizing and airy soil, it’ll produce huge strains full of abundant huge buds – so abundantly top that it’s ideal for commercial growing; the crop will be ready by early April and late October – two annual crops, up to 200g/strain.

Organoleptic properties

The aroma and flavor are very similar to classic feminized Moby Dick – pine-wood floral touches and an intense prolonged incense smell; so dense, heavy, white smoke that the atmosphere in your room will be similar to a Catholic-Church praying time.


Very powerful effects – high THC level; Moby Dick XXL provides an intense psychoactive, stimulating, pure sativa effect – this brain effect will get prolonged for hours (reunions, parties, artistic activities).


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