Amnesia XXL AUTO - Dinafem


Amnesia XXL AUTO - Dinafem
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  • Time
    75-85 days
  • THC
  • CBD
  • Type
  • Production: 70-110 g/plant
  • Genetics: 60% indica

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Information about Amnesia XXL Auto from Dinafem

Original Amnesia feminized-Original Amnesia auto flowering – a resulting strain with all the properties of the mythical Original Amnesia and rudelaris-cross behavior: very psychoactive sativa strain, with really surprising Haze flavor and flowering which does not depend on light cycle.

Vegetative behavior

Typical sativa vegetative behavior, with vigorous growth and rangy structure with long inter nodal distance; its leaves are typical cannabis sativa too – jagged, thin, long, slim: although auto flowering, Original Amnesia XXL will get surprisingly big.

Its structure’s strong against fungi pests – very strong wind could split its stretched structure; really fast life cycle – rare fungi attacks when late flowering.

For nutritional needs, sativa strains require abundant fertilizing – no insane fertilizing (excessive fertilizing could destroy its radicular system and, eventually, the whole plant); measure the dose and apply slightly less than the quantity suggested by the producer – if no over fertilizing traces, increase the dose gradually. Amnesia XXL auto has a usual 80-90 day life cycle.


Be careful; its sativa genetics makes it stretch a lot – no free space; SOG/SCROG systems could be a good option to profit that excessive growth.

For maximum performance, grow it with a light cycle of 20 light hours and 4 darkness hours along the whole growth – abundant crops, up to 500g/sq m.


Uncontrolled monstrous development – very tall plants for an auto flowering strain; regarding the substrate, it can be benefitting to apply a little coconut percentage to ease the oxygenation of the radicular system – better nutrient absorption/assimilation for bigger strains and more resinous, heavier buds. For top production, it should be grown in sunny hot/warm places – up to 250g/strain.


The production of this all-rounder strain puts an end on prejudice on auto flowering low performance – Amnesia XXL Auto production won’t disappoint anybody (long, very abundant, sativa spongy buds).

Organoleptic properties

Real delicatessen – enjoy the legendary Haze flavor with classical lemon, pine-wood, incense notes.


Enjoy a sativa psychedelic trip with powerful brain high times – its resulting euphoria reminds of the best cannabis sativa strains (intense, long-lasting, stimulating effect).


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