Cheese AUTO - Dinafem

Cheese AUTO - Dinafem
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  • Time
    70-75 days
  • THC
  • CBD
  • Type
  • Production: 70-110 g/plant
  • Genetics: 60% indica

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Information about Cheese Auto from Dinafem

Similar to magnificent, mythical Cheese feminized, but smaller, and not depending on the photoperiod – Critical +-Cheese Auto (very stable, quality strains).

Vegetative behavior

Vigorous development, taller than average autos – as an indica strain, its structure’s branchy (remarkable inter nodal space); very easy to grow – ideal for experts/beginners (the flavor and the strength of its buds aren’t for rookies).


Very productive, fast strain – up to 60g/strain in just 70 days (this jewel performs properly when 20/4 light cycling); it should be additionally interesting to blend the substrate with coconut or the like – oxygenated soil for easy radicular-system development: autos are very fast – the better procedure, the more outstanding performance.


70 days too, but bigger crop per strain – up to 130g/plant depending on the distributing bank (good plant assaulting your garden with an intense cured-cheese flavor); up to 1.5m with abundant sun and proper irrigation.

Organoleptic properties

Strong cured-cheese aroma, conquering palates all over the world – its genetic breed makes it real delicatessen for your palate.


Very long-lasting and balanced, physical/mental – approx. 12% THC (much more than the rest of autos).


Best extraction, category Hash, Expogrow Cannabis Cup, 2014.


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