Critical + 2.0 - Dinafem


Critical + 2.0 - Dinafem
  • Items: 327
  • Time
    50-55 days
  • THC
  • CBD
  • Type
  • Production: 550-600 g/m2
  • Genetics: 70% indica

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Information about Dinafem's Critical+ 2.0

It combines all the qualities of its predecessor – Critical +, but enhancing its excellent properties: Critical + 2.0 is Critical + with a more powerful flavor, more intense aroma, more production, and stronger against pests and inclement weather – it’s ideal for original Critical + lovers because its characteristics get improved.

Vegetative behavior

Slim, vigorous growth – up to 2.5m; very bushy, open, branchy structure – all its branches get a lot of direct solar light, so, when flowering, the whole plant gets covered by compact, fat buds (other strains produce good buds on their canopy, but, in lower and inner zones, the other flowers aren’t formed). Flowering stage’s really fast, ideal for short-summer zones, very damp areas or growers looking for top indoor grows – Critical + provides an extra annual crop (just 45/50-day flowering stage).

Strong against pests and inclement weather, Critical + 2.0’s ideal for all kind of growers – its powerful smell requires a good ventilation system with anti-odor system (otherwise, it would be impossible for the grow to go unnoticed); the heavy buds will be properly held if the plant gets some attached tutors – otherwise, the buds will be so heavy that, when late flowering, many branches will get split.


Super producer strain, ready to be cropped in no more than 50 days, with abundant top crop – up to 700g/sq m.


Even more productive outdoors – up to 1,300g/strain ready to be cropped by late September; this abundant production, and its affirmed quality, make it a very commercial strain which is sold worldwide.

Organoleptic properties

Very different details provide very heterogeneous aroma and flavor – complex fusion of flavors which doesn’t leave anybody unmoved; generally, strong lemon-pine smell with really unique spicy touch.


More physical than mental – intense relaxing sensation, and, then, deep, narcotic, very pleasurable effect (strain with high THC levels, up to 20%); perfect strain against stress or insomnia.


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