Bubba Kush - Dinafem


Bubba Kush - Dinafem
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  • Time
    60-70 days
  • THC
  • CBD
  • Type
  • Production: 450-550 g/m2
  • Genetics: 90% indica

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Informatio about Dinafem's Bubba Kush

Closely related to rap; many rappers, such as Cypress Hill, have continuously mentioned this famous indica strain (90 indica/10 sativa) in their songs. It is said that this genetics was stabilized by breeder Bubba (hence its name); the fame of this strain got spread from California to the whole country, conquering palates all over the world. Bubba Kush comes from Bubba Kush Pré 98 elite clone, with all the characteristics which have made this genetics mythical.

Vegetative behavior

Typical indica compact structure, not very branchy, but with short inter nodal distance, robust side branches (almost as tall as the main stem); usually, it’s a very dense strain, with green tones for its exceptional look – being so dense, it could be useful to prune some leaves for all the buds to get lighted.

Besides, Bubba Kush is a vigorous strain, strong and easy to grow, ideal for all kinds of growers; short flowering (60-65 days), abundant crop, fat flowers, hard, heavy and very sticky, due to the high amount of trichomes – so abundant resin that it will be an ideal strain to make extractions.


Up to 500g/sq m top weed – as previously mentioned, ready to be cropped in 60-65 days.


Ready to be cropped by mid October – up to 800g/strain; always quality production, but, with good fertilizing, you’ll get even heavier buds, coated by a fat resin foil (contrasting with the dark tone of its leaves). At low temperatures, it’ll be even more resinous, and some of its leaves will turn violet – even more spectacular look.

Organoleptic properties

Strong gasoline aroma, with earthy touches and coffee notes; combusting buds produce a very dense smoke – strong Bubba aroma impregnating the whole house for a long time.


When smoking a Kush joint, first of all, you feel a strong, long-lasting, narcotic and analgesic effect; its high THC levels make it ideal to relax and forget about daily stress – emerging body relax will get your body and help you rest.


1st prize, Outdoor, Uruguay Cannabis Cup, 2015.


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