Obviously, the exact number of global marijuana consumers is kind of impossible to know – this substance is illegal in many countries; the illegal status of marijuana doesn’t provide reliable, official sources to determine the number of consumers – usually, the number’s less than real because many people deny its consumption due to legal concerns or social stigmatization.

Hopefully, this situation’s about to change; society doesn’t look down on marijuana consumption anymore, and many countries tend to regulate and legalize its consumption and business: thousands of companies are investing in cannabis market (ongoing industry), and scientific community’s getting interested in the medicinal properties of this plant.

smoking in the world

smoking in the world

Rough estimates

There are about 240 global cannabis consumers – marijuana’s the most consumed drug, behind tobacco and alcohol.

In fact, according to some official sources, about 164 countries are dealing with cannabis growing – with 194 countries in this planet, global marijuana-consumption expansion can be figured out.

Where’s marijuana mostly consumed?

Marijuana consumption’s kind of global, but not equally in every continent – nowadays, it’s mostly consumed in North America, up to 40 million consumers (about 22% global consumers).

The second place on the list is Africa (about 40 million consumers), and, then, Western-Central Europe (about 23 million consumers); nowadays, South America’s getting this consumption power, but its consumption data are scarce and not very reliable.

Cannabis status in official drug seizures

Regarding the number of consumers and their global expansion, it’s not strange that marijuana’s the most seized substance in the world, and it represents 53% of 2.4 million drug seizures (UN, 2015); the same project states the absence of cannabis-overdose deaths – official data which show other legal, socially accepted, drugs, such as alcohol, in a poor light.

If you wanted to check how many people consume marijuana worldwide, this has been a general overview to draw many conclusions – if still in doubt, just leave your comment and we’ll answer as soon as possible.

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